Vaastu tips

5 Vaastu tips for better property purchase!

Everything about the world and how we perceive it changed in the year 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was an eye-opener that made priorities clear. Expenses have changed completely. People only choose to spend on things that are of the utmost importance and avoid unnecessary expenditures as much as they can. Investment patterns and strategies have also changed to counter the current economic scenario.

There has been significant growth in the demand for investment options that have a low-risk factor and have the potential to reap gradual returns as a long-term asset. Investing in real estate is considered a safe option and investing in plots is the most lucrative amongst the others owing to its numerous benefits including transparent deals, quick appreciation, and the flexibility to make use of the plot of land as per your convenience.


Importance of Vaastu

Vaastu Shastra is the science of the energies in the space around you. It helps you make use of the energies to their best possible extent. It is an essential factor that must be considered while laying the foundation of a home or choosing a plot for investment so that you attract positive energy and stay happy as well as wealthy.

Apart from the good amenities that modern investors look out for, Vaastu-compliance is an additional factor that is catching up quite rapidly and has the power to influence the decision-making of the buyers. In accordance with the five essential elements of nature, Vaastu-compliant properties ensure peace and stability for greater success in life and keep the negative forces at bay. Thus, whether you construct a house or choose to sell it later when the prices appreciate, the residential plot should be in harmony with Vaastu norms.


Vaastu Tips for better property purchase

Vaastu shastra involves dealing with shape, uniformity, direction and the location of the respective property. Let’s see how each factor influences the property:


  • Plots should not be in rough shapes as properly shaped land attracts prosperity and happiness
  • As per Vaastu, rectangular or square-shaped plots are the most preferred as they bring good health and prosperity to the owners
  • Gomukhi or cow-shaped plots are narrow from the front and broad from the back and are considered auspicious for residential purposes
  • Circular-shaped plots (oval and semi-circular-shaped plots) must be avoided along with L shaped plots


  • North-facing direction is the most preferred choice as it is considered highly auspicious
  • East and West-facing plots can also be considered as per your Kundli
  • South-facing plots should be avoided as they are known to attract negative energies
  • Corner plots are perfect for building homes as they bring happiness and prosperity
  • Plots bordered by roads from all directions are considered excellent for commercial constructions


  • A flat plot of land is always the first preference for residential development
  • If the land is slanted, then the plots with north-east or south-west slopes should be considered as they attract fortune and are considered prosperous
  • Westward slopes should be avoided as they lead to health problems and differences amongst the family members
  • You should watch out for a valley around the plot or depression on the land as they are inauspicious
  • Avoid purchasing a plot that is situated between two large plots as it symbolizes poverty


  • Avoid the residential plots near cemeteries or hospitals as they are storehouses of negative energies and infections
  • Any obstruction like a bridge, electric pole, hill, or a building on the north and east side should be avoided, as it blocks sunlight. However, any obstruction in the west and south can be compromised as it impedes the entry of negative energies.
  • A waterbody located on the southwest side of the plot should be avoided as it implies misery
  • If the plot has a lake or river nearby that flows in the north-east direction, it is a good sign, and the land can be purchased for residential development
  • The soil of the land also plays an important role. Land covered with lush greenery or agriculturally fertile lands is considered good for habitation, assuring growth and success.


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