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A Land With Promising Future: Yadagirigutta

Buying a property is no cakewalk. You would want to be assured of every aspect of the property before you invest your hard earned money in it. Besides the facilities within the property, many other factors come into play and the first being the area you are meaning to buy the property in. We believe a property is as good as its area. But, how do you evaluate a good area?
You need to ask yourself two simple questions. What is the area offering you currently? And, what is it holding for you in the future?
If both the answers are convincing enough then dive into it. Yadagirigutta is one such area with a lot to offer in the present and has in store for the future.

A fast-growing residential area with easy access to other parts of the city, Yadagirigutta has witnessed an insane amount of infrastructural development over the past few years. The number of properties around the area are huge and still counting due to the incessant real-estate development. Combined with different factors, it is now the hub for real-estate.

Budget-friendly Land Rates

What makes it a preferred destination to buy a property is the availability of options for people with different budgets. Ranging from Rs 3000 per sq.yd to Rs 20,000 per sq.yd, Yadagirigutta caters to all kinds of buyers.

Commercial Development

Besides the residential boom, Yadagirigutta is also registering builders investing in building commercial properties  like resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes and hospitals to make not provide best facilities to the tourists to be visiting in the future and residents to have a well-developed society to live in.

Unbeatable Connectivity

Yadagirigutta is well-connected to Hyderabad City through Hyderabad-Warangal-Bhopalpatnam highway and other nearby localities through Pattaguda and Keesara-Yadagirigutta Roads. Besides the road connectivity, the railway line is also expected soon to enhance its connectivity to different areas. As the planning to develop Yadagirigutta into a pilgrimage is afoot, the connectivity to the place will be advanced gradually.

Future Prospect

As the government plans to build it into a temple town, the valuation of the land will only increase with time. With all the development around, people find it a best bet to invest in property in and around this area for its resale value. Many plots are sold by reputed builders under gated communities which makes getting a loan from the bank a lot easier.

Property is your investment into the future so owning one where the future is bright only makes sense. With an aim to fulfill the dream of each individual owning a property at a place with possibilities, SVS Infra Developers has come up with two major project Lakshmi Enclave, spread across 40 acres of area and Indraprastha spread across 12 acres of area in Yadagirigutta.
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