One Nation One Registration

One Nation One Registration

During the recent budget presentation, the union finance minister Smt Nirmala Sitaraman introduced the ease of doing business and ease of living which involves establishing the “One Nation, One Registration mechanism”. She also talked about the online bill payment system for all central ministries to reduce the delay in the payments.

The aim of the “one nation one registration” scheme

This scheme brings the uniform registration process all over the country. Irrespective of any registration be it land, vehicle or any other registration the process will be the same all over. Registration can be made anywhere in the country without any state barriers. This process will adopt a 3c formula that focuses on central records, the convenience of records and the collection of records. A 14 digit unique number is to be allocated to the land which is also referred to as the Aadhaar number of the land. In the process to implement this scheme the government has to link the nation generic document registration system with one nation one registration scheme.


The benefits of having the “one nation one registration” will
•Reduces the delay in payments.
•Helps in obtaining a paperless end to end e-bill system.
•Reduces issues around buying and selling of lands.
•Provides real-time owners of the lands.
•Reduces the interface between the government functionaries and citizens.
•More of all it will save the valuable time of the citizens.


•Instead of introducing ‘anywhere registration’ across the country, it should be ‘anywhere registration’ within districts or the State.
•In the current system of the registration process, it is very difficult to deal with fake registration cases.
•When it comes to anywhere registration across the country, it is questionable how one can stop or prevent fraudulent registration.

What we think:

Instead, more offices of the registration department should be opened that will truly ease doing business.

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