DTCP Approved Layouts.

DTCP Approved Layouts: All You Need To Know About It

You might be seeing Real estate companies promoting their projects as DTCP-approved. It’s likely that you have already done your research, but here is a comprehensive guide to DTCP that will clear up all your doubts.

Read the entire article to understand what DTCP is.

What is DTCP?

Prior to DTCP being established, builders had to visit several offices for the required permission. Many towns need to be properly planned. 

However, DTCP is a National Level Organization to set up properties which helps good and well-planned towns to be set up.

DTCP is a government agency created to ensure smooth planning and urban development. To help the state take action and prevent illegal construction, the agency advises other agencies and the design community on commercial and residential real estate and urban planning.

Any land development done in a particular location, It must obtain a permit from the local authorities. The state agency responsible for urban planning and development under their jurisdiction is the Office of Urban and Rural Planning, also known as the Department of Town and City Planning (DTCP). It ensures that all titles are clear. It is essential to obtain DTCP-approved layouts before purchasing a site or building structures in the area so that there isn’t any litigation pending or unplanned developments. 

It is not at all advisable to buy plots that do not hold DTCP approval. In fact, the government all over the country has made a strict rule that registration of unapproved plots should not be done without regularization.

What Is DTCP Layout?

The Directorate of Town and Country Planning( DTCP) is a government body responsible for the planning and development of municipalities and metropolises in Telangana. The DTCP layout is a set of rules and guidelines that builders need to adhere to while constructing structures in the state. The rules cover the layout of the development, distance and height between buildings, provision of basic amenities, and safety norms. The authorities must follow safety norms and give basic amenities such as parks and water facilities.

What is the purpose of DTCP? 

The DTCP aims to develop policies that implement a comprehensive development plan. All the builders and developers in India must obtain approval from the state DTCP to start large-scale projects. 

How to recognize DTCP-approved layouts? 

 Therefore, you once more attest to the validity of the approved DTCP Layout by utilizing all required legal documentation. The official DTCP website of the Telangana government (or the state government’s website) can be accessed for open plots in and around Hyderabad and Telangana. Where the open plot is located (recommended for other states) to ascertain whether or not the layout has been DTCP certified. 

How To Check DTCP Approval Online in Telangana?

Checking the DTCP approval status online is a simple process. Follow the below process

  1. Visit the website of the Telangana State DTCP 
  2. In the homepage select the “ Online Services ” tab.
  3. Select Building Permissions.
  4. Enter LP number or property details and click on “ Search ”.
  5. The status will be displayed.

Difference Between HMDA And DTCP Layouts?

HMDA( Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) and DTCP( Directorate of Town and Country Planning) are two separate authorities that regulate the constructions in Telangana. The HMDA applies to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation( GHMC) area, while the DTCP layout is applicable to the rest of the state. The rules and regulations under both the layouts are same, but the HMDA layout is more strict and requires wider roads as it applies to the capital megacity of Hyderabad.

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